Looking in the mirror and spotting large pores on your face is never not disappointing. Having large, visible pores is common, especially among those who have an oily skin type. Excess oil production causes the pores to enlarge and become more prominent. Not cute!

Let’s get down to the pore. With the right tips and tricks, you can treat large pores (read, shrink them tiny) and make your skin look almost poreless.

Take a look at 3 pro tips to get rid of large pores for good.


01. Exfoliate

01.	Exfoliate

Keep your pores clean by exfoliating your face regularly. Dust and grime tend to clog large pores *yuck* so better clean them up real nice to make sure they don’t bring your skin game down. Cleanse and follow up with a mild scrub twice a week to get smooth and flawless skin.


02. Use the right products

02.	Use the right products

Using the right products is the key to treating your pores. You should use beauty products that help reduce your pore size or conceal them like a pro. Primers, water-based moisturisers and toner are some of the beauty products you need to stock up in your makeup vanity. While toner helps shrink pores, primers help cover and minimize them. Also, ditch your oil-based products for lightweight, water-based products.


03. Rinse with cold water

03.	Rinse with cold water

Hot water opens up pores and makes them more noticeable as opposed to cold water, which shrinks them. This keeps bacteria, dirt and dust from penetrating into your skin. Always wash and rinse your face with cold or lukewarm water to keep your face looking poreless.