5 Surprising Causes Of Dry Skin

Written by Disha SampatSep 16, 2023
5 surprising causes of dry skin

Do you suffer from dry skin? Have you been dealing with dry skin all your life? Or maybe the dryness is a recent development? Whichever it is, dry skin is not something to be ignored and you must look into its causes. It could be something chronic and even if it is not a serious concern, it helps to know your skin better.
Read on as we round up the causes of dry skin…



Harsh soaps

Yes ladies, dry skin can be inherited. So, you have your mother or grandmother to thank for your dry skin. If that’s the case a diligent moisturising routine will be your saviour.


Lack of moisture

Harsh soaps

The most common cause for dry skin is usually lack of moisture. Cold weather strips the moisture from your skin, leaving it dehydrated. If you’re prone to dry skin in winter, use a nourishing face moisturiser and a body butter in lieu of your regular moisturiser.


Hot shower

Harsh soaps

Are you someone who craves a long, hot bath during winter or a nice swim during summer? Well, both need to be avoided to keep dry skin away. Too much time in hot water will dry out your skin, and so will a chlorinated swimming pool. So ladies, if you can’t resist a hot shower or a swim, make sure you moisturise your skin soon after. Also apply a coat of coconut oil before a swim to keep your skin nourished.


Harsh soaps

Harsh soaps

Soaps can be harsh on your skin, mainly because they strip the natural oils from your skin and disrupt your skin’s pH levels. A cleansing milk or a natural cleanser like besan are the best alternatives to soap.

Nutritional Deficiencies

If you have a nutritional deficiency, like a vitamin or a mineral deficiency it can lead to dry skin. Vitamin C is crucial to the production of collagen, which keeps your skin smooth and supple, while vitamin E helps renewal of healthy skin cells. So ladies, eating a balanced diet that is packed to the brim with protein, fresh vegetables, fruit and nuts is a good idea to combat dry skin.

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