Spot treatments are more than just a quick and easy fix for pimples and breakouts overnight. They can be included in your daily skincare routine too. They are way more effective than an acne-fighting toner or cream because of their potent formula. Plus, when you apply a dollop of treatment on just a tiny area, it creates a barrier over and around the affected spot and helps it heal faster, and without scarring. But having said that, are you using your spot treatment the right way? Whether you’ve used spot treatments before or are just starting out, here are five things to keep in mind when using them...


01. The right order

The right order

One of the rookie mistakes you can make when using spot treatments is to apply it at the end of your routine. This reduces the treatment’s effectiveness because it now has all these layers of product to cut-through to get to the problem area. The right order of using a spot-treatment is right after your light, water-based serums and BEFORE your moisturiser. This is the best way to ensure all those acne-fighting ingredients penetrate the problem properly, without any hindrance.


02. The right ingredients


An effective skincare routine is always about choosing the right ingredients for your skin type. Some of the popular ingredients to look for in spot treatments are benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. And while most spot-treatments make sure to not overdo with the potency of their formula, some can be too irritating on the skin. For instance, hydroquinone (a skin bleaching ingredient) can be too irritating for sensitive skin. So choosing something as gentle as niacinamide instead will be better for your skin. Pay attention to the ingredient list of your chosen product to avoid any mishaps!

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03. The right time

right time

Since your body is in repair mode at night, it can work on drying out the zits faster. But the right way to pick a time is based on your whole skincare routine. Yes, you read that right. For example, if you’re using a retinol-based serum at night, use your spot-treatment in the morning and vice versa, as mixing the two ingredients could potentially irritate the skin.


04. The right technique

right technique

Regardless of the texture of your spot-treatment, the technique remains the same. Use a clean finger to dab on the product. Then wait for at least 60 seconds for it to completely dry and then go in with your moisturiser around the area. In the end, don’t forget to dab a little bit of moisturiser on the area to lock-in the moisture.


05. The right frequency

right frequency

There is a tendency among people to re-apply spot treatments as soon as they seem to have ‘dried out’. But overdoing spot-treatments can really dry out the area and make it flaky and patchy. Use only 1-2 times, or as directed by your dermatologist to avoid further harming your skin.