Don’t Know How To Remove Oil From Your Face? These Skincare Products Can Help!

Written by Anjali AgarwalSep 16, 2023
Don’t know how to remove oil from your face? These skincare products can help!

Oily skin has its perks—it wards off wrinkles, sun damage and irritation and has a vibrant glow all the time. However, the greasy and icky feeling and makeup melting off don’t really result in a pretty picture. Plus, the excess oil on skin isn’t just one problem. It leads to a number of other skin problems like blackheads, whiteheads, clogged and visibly large pores and rough skin. It also contributes to breakouts and makes your skin appear dull. So, does it mean you have to live with oil dripping from your skin forever? Not exactly! You can use skincare products that zap the excess oil from face and leave it clean and moisturised. And no, this doesn’t include a blotting paper or a mattifying compact powder.   

If you’ve been wondering about how to remove oil from face and if you need a solution such that you don’t need touch-ups all through the day; then start with your skincare regimen. We are sure you know how important it is to use the right skincare products for your skin type. If you are blessed with oily skin, you need to employ non-comedogenic skincare products that are specifically formulated to fight excess oil, in your skincare routine. Doing so can really change your skincare game for good.

And to help you with your skincare shopping, we’ve rounded up all the must-have skincare products you should be adding to your beauty cart RN. So if you didn’t know how to remove excess oil from face using skincare products until now, well, just read on and get clear and flawless skin in no time...


1. Cleanser

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A cleanser has to be the first product in this list and you know why. The very first step of your skincare regimen is cleansing your face. Anyone with oily and acne-prone skin knows this particular step is the most important and totally unmissable from your daily skincare routine.

It not only clears oil off your face but also removes impurities such as dirt, sweat and product build-up, which settles on your skin and makes it even more greasy and oily. Not to mention, it leads to acne and blackheads as well.

Cleanse your face twice a day with a mild face wash that removes excess oil but doesn’t leave your skin dry and chapped. We suggest you use the Lever Ayush Natural Ayurvedic Oil Clear Aloe Vera Face Wash that is packed with the goodness of natural ingredients. While lemongrass and lodhra clear oil from face and kill off bacteria, aloe vera retains the moisture and makes sure your skin doesn’t dry out. Wipe your face with a facial wipe to remove makeup and then wash your face with this oil-clearing face wash. Rinse with cold water to close the pores. Use it every morning and before going to bed for oil-free skin that is squeaky clean, fresh and hydrated.   


2. Exfoliator

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An exfoliator does a stellar job of removing dead skin cells, blackheads and basically unlocking brighter and glowing complexion. Although it’s a useful skincare product for all skin types, you can’t miss out on this one from your must-have products’ list if you have oily skin. Exfoliation benefits oily skin in more ways than one. It deep cleanses your skin, removes excess oil and keeps your face from becoming an oil-dripping zone.

After cleansing your face with a face wash, take a small amount of St. Ives Energizing Coconut & Coffee Scrub and massage your face gently with your fingertips to scrub away all the deep-settled impurities and excess oil. This scrub has coffee and walnut shell powder that cleanse your skin of oil and coconut, which hydrates it and seals in the moisture. Plus, it’s a paraben and oil-free product with moisturising properties so it’s perfect for sensitive skin as well. Exfoliate at least twice a week to remove oil from face and get healthy-looking skin.


3. Toner

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For oily skin, a toner is an absolute must. If you don’t take your CTM routine seriously and often miss the toning step out of your skincare regimen, you need to stop this awful skin habit and start toning right away. Toner curbs excess oil and keeps your skin clean and clear of acne-forming sebum. Not just that, a toner also balances the pH level of your skin, shrinks and tightens pores and also helps close them so they don’t clog and lead to blackheads. Plus, whatever dirt your cleanser and exfoliator can’t get out, toner gets to it and leaves your skin perfectly clean and fresh.

Get your hands on the Lakmé Absolute Pore Fix Toner. It is free of alcohol and contains witch hazel and lavender, which are an excellent remedy for acne. It removes excess oil, product residue and grime from face and leaves your skin feeling energised and moisturised. It leaves no hint of oil behind and makes your skin smooth and soft. Just spray the toner on your face in a way such that it covers your oily zones and then take a cotton pad and glide it all over your face gently to get all the dirt and oil out. Do this daily for impeccable skin.


4. Face mask

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Face masks nourish and moisturise your skin, yes, but there are face masks that do more than that. The right ingredients in a face mask can help you with your skin woes and give you a flawless skin. Case in point: an oil-clearing face mask for oily skin. Treating your oily skin with such a face mask can help you keep excess oil at bay and help you treat all the skin issues that follow. Skin issues like visible pores, pimples and blackheads. Our pick is the Dermalogica Sebum Clearing Masque which absorbs excess oil, reduces pore size and purifies the skin. Cleanse your face and pat it dry. Take a dollop-size portion of the product and apply it all over your face, if you have excessively oily skin. If you have an oily T-zone, just apply it on the oily areas and leave it on for about 10 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water and moisturise with a non-oily moisturiser.  Pamper your skin with this face mask thrice a week without fail for desired results.


5. Facial wipes

Facial wipes

You follow your morning skincare routine and step out of your house with clear skin but an hour after that, you find your skin has become an oil mine. Sounds familiar? It is downright annoying, we know. Humidity and change in weather can take a toll on your skin and cause your skin to produce more sebum. To avoid this and flaunt fresh and oil-free skin on the go, keep with you some facial wipes to remove oil from face as soon as your skin starts to feel grimy. Blotting paper can only absorb oil but cannot make your skin feel clean and dry. Simple Kind To Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes is the product that can come in handy when you want to feel fresh all throughout the day, even when you don’t have the time or means to cleanse or wash oil off your face. These facial wipes contain the goodness of natural ingredients and are extremely gentle on the skin. It contains no parabens, perfume or harsh chemicals, which makes it a perfect fit for sensitive skin. Plus, it is enriched with Vitamin B3 and E that leave your skin nourished and healthy with every wipe. So, to get clean and fresh skin instantly, wipe the oil and dirt away using these hydrating facial wipes. 

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