Did You Know That The British Royalty Must Follow These 6 Dress Code Rules?

Written by Vaishnavi ThakurSep 26, 2018
Did you know that the British Royalty must follow these 6 dress code rules?
Being British Royalty might mean unlimited wealth and power, but did you know that it also means a limited dress code? Turns out, the Royal Family has to adhere to certain rules and regulations especially when it comes to dressing. Yes, you heard that right. In fact, all the Royals of the world dress in a specific way. Here are the dress code rules that the British Royalty and everyone who forms a part of it (Meghan Markle being the latest entrant) must follow…

The Queen always wears gloves

Kate Middleton and her crown

You must’ve never spotted Queen Elizabeth without gloves. This is mainly done to protect her hands from infections and dirt thanks to all the people she greets all day. It’s also said that she carries about two to three pairs in her handbag and the each pair costs almost £110. These gloves are custom-made and the Queen has them ordered in dozens. Also, the gloves go under her sleeves so that her arms aren’t seen.


The Queen is always seen in bright outfits and hats

Kate Middleton and her crown

From neon greens and bright fuchsias to lemon yellows–you will rarely spot the Queen in a muted, toned-down colour. The reason? The Queen wants to make sure that she’s spotted by everyone. The reason the Queen wears hats is because of the old tradition that prohibited the women of British Royalty to have their hair on display. While these rules are now outdated and not applicable to the newer generations in the family, the Queen seems to still follow them strictly.


The Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge must dress formally for informal events

Kate Middleton and her crown

They must adhere to dressing formally even for informal events. For Kate Middleton, a formal day dress or trousers teamed with a shirt and blazer is permitted while for Prince William, formal trousers or chinos teamed up with collared shirts.


Prince George always wears shorts

Kate Middleton and her crown

For the British, young boys wearing shorts indicated a certain level of class. It also sets them apart from the ones wearing trousers or dungarees, something that is often deemed too suburban. Little Prince George will probably be seen wearing trousers when he turns eight or nine.


The nail polish protocol

Kate Middleton and her crown

The women of the Royal Family are prohibited from wearing bright nail polish, so you will often spot them wearing only nude shades. Kate Middleton’s favourite being Essie’s nude nail polish in the shade Allure, we’ll only know about Meghan Markle’s go-to shade in the days to come.


Kate Middleton and her crown

Kate Middleton and her crown

Kate Middleton was only spotted wearing Lady Diana’s crown after her marriage. Ever wondered why? The headpiece is meant to communicate to the single men that women wearing it are off-limits since these crowns are only reserved for married women. More like a sign of status to show that you’re taken, and the Royal family strictly abides by that.

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