You’ve got to agree that summer hairstyles are incomplete without headbands. Not only do they save us from so many bad hair days during this season but they also help elevate our hairdos. So if you want to try headband hairstyles this season, the looks below should give you some inspo…

BB pro tip:

BB pro tip:

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scarf headband for summer re

If you have short tresses and are wondering how to make use of a scarf headband during the summers, just tie your hair into a mini bun while leaving some flyaways out. Wrap a scarf-like headband in the front before the crown.

thick black headband re

Want to accessorise your voluminous ponytail? Do it by way of a simple thick black headband. Make sure you tease your crown before starting out!

retro bun accessorized with a sequined headband

If you’re attending a wedding, go for a retro bun accessorized with a sequined headband for effect. Create a retro-like chignon at the back and add a glitzy headband to the look.

braided bun accessorised with a beaded headband

Braided buns have always been a favourite when it comes to updos. But if you want to embrace a summery vibe by adding a headband to this look, go right ahead and accessorise with a beaded headband!

scarf headband over a wavy hairstyle

Heading to a music fest? Wear a scarf headband around your head over your wavy hairstyle. Make sure you wear a bright one to up the ante.

add a cloth headband to your messy top knots

Messy top knots are everyone’s favourite summer hairstyles. Know how you can give it an upgrade? Add a cloth headband to this hairdo and you’re so summer ready!

add a bejeweled headband to your summer hairstyle

If you favour braids as your go-to summer hairstyle, adding a bejeweled headband to this look will surely give your hairstyle a new twist.