Wondering who the latest muse of the fashion world is? Well, believe it or not, it’s your dad. In case you aren’t aware of this, a new type of sneaker style has emerged in the world of fashion, and they look a lot the ones your dad wore in the good old ‘90s. While chunky sneakers have always been quite popular since the early ‘00s, hefty and wide kicks have now resurfaced in the form of high-end fashion. Right from Burberry and Balenciaga, to MSGM, dad sneakers are making their way to the Fall 2018 Fashion Week runways of designers all over the globe.

retro fashion appeal of dad sneakers

Dad sneakers, just like mom jeans, are becoming a favourite of trendsetters everywhere, as they are considered to be extremely practical due to the comfort they provide. However, comfort isn’t the only thing that’s making their popularity soar. Along with their sturdiness and practicality, dad sneakers are loved because of their retro fashion appeal. For instance, you don’t have to go with plain white, hefty ones. You could choose ones that have rainbow-colored soles as well!

You may think this new trend is strange, as for many years prior to 2018, high-end fashion preferred the clean-cut sneaker with a stealthy-looking silhouette. There’s no definite answer to why or how this happened— the world of fashion can be a peculiar one sometimes.

multi coloured dad sneakers

There have always been brands such as New Balance, who have been selling chunky sneakers for years— and these sneakers have been part of their standard range of trainers. What’s more, they were considered unfashionable for a really long time, until Balenciaga’s FW17 menswear show. That’s when dad sneakers became all the rage. Ever since then, these sneakers were highly anticipated by high-end fashion enthusiasts all over the world. When they were released, they were sold out in a jiffy. And thanks to the Triple S, standard, chunky New Balance kicks are now considered to be extremely in vogue.

So, how do you rock this new footwear trend even though athleisure isn’t your style?

Well, just like Converse, you could—and should— assume that dad sneakers go with just about anything. Despite their chunky silhouette, the right kind of dad sneakers can go with everyday denim, as well as a sharp suit. If you want your kicks to be the star of the show, you could go with printed or multi-coloured dad sneakers, instead of the regular white ones. When styled right, dad sneakers could look as chic as the classic Gucci loafer.

And so, whether you’re a fan of this new trend or not, dad sneakers are what’s hot right now. Only time will tell if this trend sticks around.

Image credits: Teen Vogue, Footwear News