The Bb Guide To Wearing Pastels For Every Skin Tone

Written by Vaishnavi ThakurApr 17, 2019
The BB Guide to wearing pastels for every skin tone

Pastels, yet again, are going to be a big trend this season, especially in the first half of the year. Delicious ice-cream pastels and summers go hand in hand, and everyone loves trying a light, soothing colour tone when it comes to their outfits! As much as they look gorgeous, wearing them is always confusing–what colours should you opt for, can two pastels combined and the most common question, do pastels look good on all skin tones? Yes, they can, provided you wear them right!

Let us take you through a guide to rock pastels no matter what your skin tone!


For fair skin

For dark skin tones

It goes without saying that if you’re fair, you’ve hit the jackpot when it comes to donning your fave pastel shade. Your cool undertones will help you rock baby blues, powder blues, candy pinks and pastel lilacs with ease. Make sure your makeup consists of strong, dark shades to balance out the look as a whole; you don’t want to end up looking washed out and pale!


For medium skin tones

For dark skin tones

No matter what undertone you have, shades like mint greens, baby pinks, pastel greys and peaches tend to suit your skin tone. Balance the outfit with whites, blacks or any solid colour that works well with the pastel you’re wearing. Tip–don’t use contrasting colours, use colours from the same family!


For dark skin tones

For dark skin tones

This is a challenge and many women with dusky or dark skin tones avoid wearing pastels since they feel the colours will pop more or look highly contrasting. That, of course is a myth! Pastel, buttery yellows look gorgeous on dark skin tones and so do lavenders, creams and aquas. Opt for lighter, subtler hues as opposed to popping shades and avoid colour blocking two pastels. Remember, striking the correct balance is the key!

That’s pretty much it! Now that we’ve given you a brief guide on how to wear pastels for each skin tone, you don’t have to stop at just the colours. Go ahead and experiment with textures, fabrics and much more! There’s even pastel makeup to experiment with!

Will you be embracing pastel power this season?

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