Don't we all love lazing on a sunny beach on a warm summer’s day? The feeling is unlike any other, isn’t it? However, spending all that time under the sun does have some disadvantages— it can seriously damage your locks. The sun and salt water can do a number on your hair, and leave it dry, frizzy, and greasy. If you don’t want your locks to take a beating while you’re enjoying the beach, here are a few tips for you.

1. Keep yourself hydrated

Salt water, sweat, as well as constant exposure to the sun can suck out all moisture from your hair and leave it extremely dry and susceptible to breakage. To avoid this, make sure you drink enough water. After all, the more hydrated you are, the less damage your hair will incur.

How to protect your hair at the beach

2. Use leave-in conditioner

Using a leave-in conditioner is basically as good as slathering body butter all over your hair. A leave-in conditioner will provide your hair with a good amount of moisture and will prevent it from drying, as your hair will end up absorbing the conditioner instead of salt water.

3. Fight frizz with the right shampoo

In order to fight frizz, it’s necessary to combat humidity. This can be done by using a shampoo that combats humidity and the sun. We suggest going with the Dove Environmental Defense range that detoxifies your scalp, which is just what you need in the summers.

4. Wet your hair with fresh water

This may seem a little unconventional, but wetting your hair with fresh water before you jump into the sea can actually prevent quite a bit of damage salt water can do to your hair. This is because, the fresh water on your hair acts as a sort of coating that prevents some of the salt water being absorbed by your hair.

5. Wear a hat

Wearing a protective layer is one of the best ways to prevent your hair from being damaged by the sun. Donning a hat while you're at the beach will fight all the negative effects the sun has on your hair, as well as scalp.

Hit The Beach

6. Cut down on heat styling

Avoid doing any additional damage to your hair by styling it with heat. This doesn’t only apply to after you’ve hit the beach, but also before. This is because, a buildup of heat can dry your your hair and leave it brittle. And so, it’s best to give your hair a break from heat for about 24 hours before enjoying the oceanfront. You should also avoid using a blow dryer— all you have to do is blot your hair with a towel and then finger-comb it after you’ve washed it. This will help keep the texture of your hair intact.