Freckles, though part of our vocabulary for the longest time, have only recently come into the limelight thanks to the modeling industry’s sudden interest in them—including trends like metallic freckles and face freckles doing the rounds . Models like Kate Moss, actresses like Julianne Moore and closer to home, Rani Mukherjee, are famous freckled faces. So, what exactly are freckles? If you’ve got questions about them, you’ve come to the right place.


Freckles, also referred to as ephelis, are a gathering of melanin in the top layer of skin. However, all those who have freckles weren’t necessarily born with them, as freckles can develop with time due to exposure to the sun, as well as a genetic predisposition. You may also notice that freckles are more prominent in the summer. This is because the melanocytes present in freckles create more pigment as a response to exposure to the sun.

Now that you know what freckles are, you’re probably wondering why you see them on certain people, and not everyone. Well, as mentioned before, freckles are usually genetic. You should also note that freckles are more common to those who’ve got really fair complexions. This is because, those with fair complexions have got less melanin in their skin, and so, when they’re exposed to sunlight, the melanocytes in their skin end up producing more melanin, which often results in them developing freckles, instead of getting a suntan. This is the main reason why you rarely see freckles on those with darker complexions.

Freckles on your skin

If you don’t want your skin to freckle extremely easily, it’s best to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen when you’re out. You could also avoid going out in the sun to prevent your skin from being exposed to the harsh sunlight, which causes it to freckle.

You should know that freckles are absolutely gorgeous, and unique, and shouldn’t be hidden—they need to be flaunted. And that’s why you should always use your makeup to make your freckles prominent. If you try and hide your freckles with makeup, you’ll only end up with heavy foundation, and have a cake face. Your best bet is a tinted moisturiser that matches your skin tone, and not the colour of your freckles. If you’re looking to add more colour to your face, opt for soft tones like pinks and peaches for your cheeks and lips.