Things To Keep In Mind Before Getting A Facial

Written by Chandni GhoshMar 07, 2019

Planning to get a relaxing facial for your skin? While it might be a great idea to give your skin a much-needed detox, there are many do’s and don’ts when it comes to facials. After all, you don’t want to end up breaking out right after a facial, do you? Below is a list of skin care rules to adhere to before and after getting a facial.


Find the right facial for your skin type

Do not exfoliate after the facial

There’s a facial for every skin type. So just because your friend recommended a facial that worked for her, doesn’t mean it’ll have the same results on you. If you have oily skin, an intensely moisturising facial might lead to breakouts. You need to add ingredients that will balance out the oils in your skin and deeply cleanse it. So make sure you do your research well in advance to know what facial you want to opt for.


Do not wax or shave before a facial

Do not exfoliate after the facial

Waxing or shaving makes your skin slightly sensitive. And since a facial often involves extractions and massaging, your skin can end up feeling irritable if you happen to wax/shave before a facial. Worse, if you have sensitive skin, you might even suffer from redness and blotchy skin that will take time to calm down. So make sure you stay away from waxing and shaving before a facial.


Go bare faced

Do not exfoliate after the facial

Just like you aren’t allowed to wear makeup to the gym, walking into a salon with foundation/ eyeshadow can defeat the purpose. Why not save time by walking in bare faced at the salon. Moreover, if there’s any remnant of makeup on your skin remember that it’ll mix with the ingredients in your facial and cause a cluster of breakouts!


Cleanse your skin before heading out

Do not exfoliate after the facial

While you need to go bare faced, you need to ensure that your aesthetician gets a clean canvas to work on. So make sure you wash your face with a cleanser that’s mild and suits your skin type. We suggest going with the Ponds Pure White Anti-Pollution + Purity Face Wash. This will get rid of all the grime, dirt and detoxify your skin.


Avoid the sun before and after the facial

Do not exfoliate after the facial

If you’ve done an intense facial for clear skin, remember that sun damage can cause your skin to worsen if your skin is exposed to UV rays. After a facial, your skin is raw and the best way to let all the ingredients sink in, is by keeping it away from the sun.


Do not exfoliate after the facial

Do not exfoliate after the facial

A facial already involves a lot of scrubbing right after steam. This means your skin has been exfoliated already. Over exfoliating can make your skin rather irritable. So make sure you stay away from scrubbing your skin for at least 5 days after your facial.

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