Get Rid Of Face Tans With These Diy Face Masks 

Written by Anushka ShahJul 28, 2022
Get Rid of Face Tans with these DIY Face Masks 

It’s that time of the year — when we’re talking about fancy vacations and elaborate brunches. Indeed, we’re talking about summer, but along with its sunny side comes the dark downside—concerns of tanning! Yes, enjoying the unprotected ultraviolet rays spikes the body’s melanin production, leaving you with a stubborn tan!  

So, what is melanin? It’s a pigment formed by cells in the outer layers of skin that is responsible for giving colour to the skin. When we are exposed to the sun, the skin creates more melanin than usual. The more the melanin, the darker the skin. You keep the tan at bay by applying generous amounts of a good sunscreen or styling yourself with an XL hat or sunnies.  

To unveil your most fabulous skin under all these tanned layers, we suggest falling back on DIY anti-tan face packs; easy to make and quick to show results. So, cut to chase, indulge in some TLC and get mixing plus making. 

tan removal face mask    

#1 Papaya power  

Delicious to taste, this fruit also extends its benefits to skincare. Yes, apart from snacking on its juiciness, you can also use it to get rid of dark spots and patches. Owing to the enzyme papain which has skin-lightening properties, it does the work like a dream! Get your hands on a ripe papaya and a lemon and then:  

Step 1: Peel the skin and cut the papaya into pieces.  

Step 2: Mash it and then add a few drops of lemon. 

Step 3: Apply this mix on your face. Let it sit until dry and then wash off with water.  

tan removal face mask    

#2 When life gives you lemons… 

The infamous tan removal agent, lemon is a superb addition to your skincare routine. Because of its citric properties, it works well to lighten your skin and gives that compliment-worthy shine! To amp up its natural goodness, use it with sugar for exfoliation. To know all the pack details, start off with lemon and some sugar and then: 

Step 1: Squeeze the lemon and add some sugar to it. Mix it well. 

Step 2: Apply this scrub to your face and let it sit for 10 minutes before washing it off with water. 

Yes, that’s literally it!  

tan removal face mask    

#3 Aloe it out  

Famous far and wide for all the good that it does, aloe vera is used in a plethora of skincare products. Be it, night creams or day gels, it does the impressive wherever taken, owing to its antibacterial and moisturising properties. To make the best out of it, add it to your tan removal face pack regime. And get going like this:  

Step 1: Get some aloe vera leaves and a lemon. 

Step 2: Scrape out the aloe vera gel from its leaves and mix it with some drops of lemon. 

Step 3: Apply this on your face and leave it on for about 20 minutes before washing it off. 

tan removal face mask    

#4 Turmeric talk  

Solving several skincare issues, turmeric commonly found in Indian kitchens is known to treat sunburns and pigmentation. To get the turmeric magic out, all you have to do is avail some turmeric and curd. And.... 

Step 1: Take curd in a bowl and add turmeric to it. Mix it well. 

Step 2: Wear this pack on your face for 15 minutes before washing it off. 

And folks, that’s how you wake up with visible results! 

tan removal face mask    

#5 How about some coffee  

Aromatic and delectable, a cup of coffee can take all your worries away—and that’s no lie. It also extends its charm to the domain of skin TLC by solving tanning issues. With its powerful antioxidant properties, it helps combat sun damage effectively. Here’s a great coffee face pack for tan removal—and just want you want right now. Follow the below steps and get #DIYing  — with your favourite coffee, turmeric and curd.  

Step 1: Mix the coffee powder and turmeric powder in a bowl.  

Step 2: Add some curd for consistency and form a thick paste.  

Step 3: Use this paste to make a thin layer on your face and let it sit for 15 minutes.  

Step 4: Lastly, wash it off!  

And there you go girl, with perfectly radiant skin.  

tan removal face mask    

#6 Gram flour goodness  

The age-old rescuer, gram flour is incredible even now because it gives the skin an unparalleled glow! How come? It has bleaching properties that do their magic on all skin types. To get started you’ll need gram flour or besan, turmeric powder and curd. 

Step 1: Mix all these ingredients in a bowl and form a paste. 

Step 2: Apply the paste on your face and let it sit until dry.  

Step 3: Wash it off with cold water. 

Continue this for a few days the results will unveil themselves to you!  

tan removal face mask    

#7 Tangy for tan  

Making for the perfect tangy squeeze — tomatoes are also a very good ingredient when it comes to removing tans. How! Well, because of their acidic content, they magically lighten sun spots and curb pigmentation on the skin. To unravel their true brilliance, keep aside just one ripe tomato and... 

Step 1: Take a ripe tomato and blend it well to make a paste. 

Step 2: Strain it and apply the remaining pulp on the face. 

Step 3: Let it sit for around 20 minutes.  

Step 4: Rinse off!  

For that striking shine, make this anti-tan face pack at least twice a week—and let the best results roll! 

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