The Pink Lipstick Shades For Indian Skin Tones

Written by Urvi DalalMay 14, 2024
The pink lipstick shades for Indian skin tones

Ask a girl what shade the first lipstick she ever purchased was, and her answer invariably be pink. And why not? One of the most versatile lipstick shades, it is only right that this is a staple in every girl's kitty. It can double up as blush and eyeshadow, and there's a shade and texture for every mood.

While nudes and reds have their own rightful place on a girl’s beauty shelf, a pink lipstick (or two, or three) completes it. Whether you prefer a bright fuchsia, a subtle mauve or a barely there petal pink, there’s definitely a perfect pink for every girl.

So if you haven’t found the perfect shade of pink that makes you go weak in the knees each time you wear it, then here’s a list of our favourite pink lipsticks that look like a charm on Indian skin tones. Go ahead and find your match!


Fair skin tones

Dusky skin tones

Pink lipsticks look really pretty on anyone with fair skin. While picking the correct pink lipstick for fairer skin tones, always opt for sheer hues as they look especially natural on you. But avoid lipsticks that have a blue undertone, as they will wash out your skin tone.

Perfect picks: Lakmé 9 to 5 Primer + Matte Lip Color - MP25 Rosy Lips and Lakmé Absolute Matte Ultimate Lip Color - Petal Pink  


Medium skin tones

Dusky skin tones

If you have medium skin tone, then consider yourself really lucky, because you can rock just about any pink colour with almost any finish. Great, isn’t it? From candyfloss pinks to sophisticated mauves, every shade of pink will look like it is tailor-made for you. The only thing that you may have to steer clear of is blue-toned shades as they could wash your complexion out a little bit.

Perfect picks: Lakmé Absolute Matte Ultimate Lip Color - Orchid Pink and Elle 18 Go Matte Lip Crayons - 03 Mauve Shot


Dusky skin tones

Dusky skin tones

The darker your skin tone, the darker you can go with choosing your lipstick shade. Due to the warm yellow undertones of dark skin, pinkish-reds are not advisable as it will make the skin look pale. A hot pink lipstick works amazing on dark skin, and it makes for a bold statement look.

Perfect picks: Lakmé Absolute Matte Melt Liquid Lip Color - Pink Poison and Elle 18 Color Pop Matte Lip Color - Grape Riot

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