A good night’s sleep is integral before an exam or any crucial day because being well-rested aids our alertness and therein, fosters productivity. However, what if we told you quality slumber would elevate your beauty levels? Don’t believe us? Well, there are  several proven benefits of retiring well for the night — so much so, it’s called beauty sleep (which is not just a fancy term!)  

Being a legit phenomenon, beauty sleep does wonders for your skin because when you’re asleep, your stress hormone (cortisol) that’s been peeking all day, gets to take the backseat and your sleep hormone (melatonin) shoots up — activating repair mode. During the stage, your body and skin are dynamically working to restore any damage! So, if you’ve run through all the racks to find the right youth-reviving products, don’t look any further for the answer lies between your bed and blanket; simply good sleep!  

Eager to unveil the benefits? Plunge into our unfailing list...before you doze off!  

what is beauty sleep

#1 De-puffed peekers are now a night away  

Yes, we’ve all there — early morning, crucial meetings and the puffiest morning eyes ever! The little lumps under your eyes make an entrance when you’re under stress. Why? Because when you’re hassled, your cortisol levels rise and that impacts the salt balance in your body. Plus, this could also be due to your salty midnight snack cravings. If a bag of crisps was your last snack, don’t be shocked if you wake up to chunky under eyes.  

To tame this morning disappointment, just go the beauty sleep way and top it off with this hack: Sleep on a pillow stack (two should be enough) as that’ll help drain the fluids! But hey, watch out your neck; with this trick a stiffness and soreness may knock on your door.  

If that’s not a path you want to consider, the best way out is resorting to Lakmé Absolute’s Argan Oil Radiance Night Revival Eye Cream, its antioxidant properties amp up the beauty sleep benefits and ensure blinkers look perfect in the morning to face the world. 

what is beauty sleep

#2 Glowing skin for the win  

The biggest compliment ever is, “you look radiant!” Because radiance is not only a product of good makeup but also requires unmatched self-care; a great diet and of course, beauty sleep. When we sleep, our skin switches on its healing powers and works on what went wrong; the pollution punches and the UV rays effects. We should focus on bettering our dermis at night and capitalise on the magic of beauty sleep by having a good skincare bedtime regime. We’re talking about all the right products, such as Lakmé's 9-5 Vitamin C + Skincare Value Set and Simple’s Booster Serum for the right and rapid recovery!   

After all, why shouldn’t you make the most of the restoration hours? 

what is beauty sleep

#3 Keeping the signs of ageing at bay  

Although you may feel like nothing changes while you’re asleep, don’t you forget that nature’s clock is always on duty. And the sad truth? Every hour of unhindered sleep is an hour towards the wave of wrinkles and fine lines. To do away with these nasty signs of ageing, indulge in your beauty sleep for retiring early at night ensures that your face is at rest — no overtime work for the skin, whether they are forehead creases or laugh lines! This timeout helps in retaining that gaze-worthy youthful look. So, whenever you can call it a night before 10 or get the chance to pamper your skin with anti-ageing goodness, such as, Lakmé Absolute Youth Infinity Skin Sculpting Serum, don’t hesitate!  

what is beauty sleep

#4 She’s got the locks  

Want a mane that’s all about the wow-factor without the expensive saloon affairs? Then do what you have to, doze off and leave the rest to sleep. Not known to many but beauty sleep is essential for the proper protein synthesis of your locks — to an extent, it can also impact your hormones, which also influences your hair’s growth rate and overall charm.  

If you’re preparing for an upcoming event, slash off the parlour appointment and just oil your strands and stay well rested; that’s the organic recipe to luscious hair.  

what is beauty sleep

How many hours of sleep are essential to see the benefits of beauty sleep?  

Just because we’re all about the benefits of recharging and laying back, doesn’t mean you hop on #vacaymode to awaken your best beautiful version — there’s a stipulated magical number to it!   

And it falls between seven to eight hours of rest per night. However, just because you set your alarm after an eight hour duration doesn’t mean you’ll wake up with visible results for beauty sleep is heavily reliant on quality of slumber as well! So, instead of taking the weekends off and calling it “self-care,” practice it to perfection by having a standard sleep regime every single day.  

And this healthy move may call for some compromises but as we already know, beauty is pain and if there is none, there is also no gain.  

what is beauty sleep

How does poor sleep impact the skin?  

A bad sleeping pattern and improper rest can lead to those stubborn dark circles and dull spots; the ones that don’t budge with concealer as well. Away from these brown badges, lack of good sleep can also lead to acne and breakouts. So,  be aware ladies and rest like you deserve to.  

Pick your position  

Tumbling and tossing is fun but not when you’re aiming for that #glamorous beauty sleep result! For the pull of gravity can affect your under-eye bags and wrinkles. So be mindful of how you fall asleep. Sleeping on your side or stomach will make your skin fall towards one side, and hence lead to looseness — contributing to all those fine lines. To make the most of your bed hours, the best sleep decision you can make is falling asleep on your back. However, not everyone chooses this rigid structure. 

Amid all these rest complications and directives, we suggest, know your body and find your best sleeping position for the goal is to relax and rejuvenate yourself.