Aditi Rao Hydari got it spot on at the Vogue Beauty Awards. Perfectly applied makeup and tossed parted hair (a tribute to the 80s perhaps) complemented her black and gold Monisha Jaising dress.
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Here’s the breakdown on how to get her beauty look:

  • Keep the foundation strong, but subtle. Cover up all your flaws, but don’t overwhelm your features with too much base. Try using a BB or CC foundation to give you a more luminous look.
  • Dust with powder and a gold bronzer for a mild shimmery look.
  • Keep the eyebrows groomed yet subtle. Remember, the top half of your face needs to stay muted to let your lips do the talking.
  • Apply a light gold shadow onto your lid and contour with a medium brown for subtle drama.
  •  Instead of using the usual black pencil, opt for a brown pencil and use eyeliner on top, keeping the line towards the inner corner of the eye very minimal. Use the same pencil to lightly line the rim of your eye below.
  • Add tons of mascara or false lashes if the occasion calls for it.
  • Brush a very light pink blush onto the apples of your cheek
  • Then comes the main event: Apply a bright tomato red lipstick. Be sure to line your lips first for that perfect shape. Matt and reapply to get perfectly kiss-proof lips.
  • Brush all your hair to one side of your face. Pin the hair with U-Pins or bobby pins at the back to make sure there are no strays.
  • With a tong, section the open hair and tong each section to get a loose curl. Apply a little hair spray to make sure the curls do not open up too easy.
LRT TIP: Keep the hair more natural, so you do not have to worry about the curls holding shape. So just a light tonging should do the trick.

Stay stylish…. Stay beautiful……


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(Aditi Rao Hydari Photo Credit: Vogue)