Move over celeb style, we’ve been crushing on celeb babies whose wardrobes could put your closet to shame. From fringe pieces to floral headbands, these kids top the fashion charts like it’s NBD. Wondering who we’re talking about? Here’s a roundup of celebrity kids and their style statement...

celebrity kids taimur wardrobe

When you’re the offspring of Kareena Kapoor Khan, you ought to be trendy to the tee. So when we spotted li’l Taimur wearing those tiny Gucci shoes with suspender shorts, how could we not go all aww over him? Hey Gucci, you found your new poster boy!

Image credit: Pictastar

celebrity kids grungy look

Kim K makes sure li’l North always steps out in her A game. No surprise then that this tiny one made the fringe jacket look oh so cool. Also, can we please have a round of applause for those kicks that perfectly match her grungy look?

Image credit: Harper’s Bazaar

celebrity kids tiny misha kapoor wardrobe

We’ve lost our hearts to tiny Misha Kapoor. Can you really blame us? That bow hairband, that ‘milk’ jumper and her expression—it’s all cuteness personified. Sorry Shahid, we choose your li’l one over you now.

celebrity kids romeo wardrobe

If there’s one thing the Beckham family knows, it is how to keep it stylish at all times. Here’s Romeo looking dapper AF in his suit look. Such a star, this one!

celebrity kids baby Imara wardrobe

Don’t know about you but we’re going to steal baby Imara from the Khan family. Isn’t she a total doll sitting by papa Imran’s side in that cutesy pink dress? Also, can we please give it up for her star-like pose on that couch? Made for the movies, we tell you!

celebrity kids baby luna wardrobe

Every time we’re feeling blue, we catch glimpses of baby Luna on Chrissy Teigen’s Instagram account. And guess what we found? The Legend baby looking like a Hawaiian princess in one of the pictures. Dreaming of babysitting her someday, aren’t you?

celebrity kids sanjay dutts twins wardrobe

You’ve got to agree that Sanjay and Maanayata Dutt’s twins are complete style sensations. Here are Shahraan and Iqra looking like Disney icons while posing for the shutterbugs!

celebrity kids abram wardrobe

We love SRK alright. So when there was the tiniest version of him in the form of Abram, we couldn’t help but gush over every appearance of his. C’mon, look at that airport swag—camo pants, Mickey jumper, sneakers, it’s so on point!

Image credit: News18