Maroon 5 just released its newest song featuring Kendrick Lamar, in a Pokémon Go themed video showing youngsters going crazy trying to ‘Capture’ strange looking creatures. While we may have found the lead vocalist and the newest baby daddy on the block looking super adorbs in the Squirtle turtle get-up, there’s more to Adam Levine’s than meets the eye. Going from being a 24-year-old singing love songs in hoodies to becoming one of the best dressed men at the Emmy Awards, Golden Globes, Oscars, you name it; Adam’s one to watch out for in Tinseltown. Here’s a look at his style evolution…

enrique iglesias and justin timberlake

T-shirts and hoodies seemed to be an appropriate clothing choice for newbie breakthrough artists, with the likes of Enrique Iglesias and Justin Timberlake sporting the fashion in their music videos.

adam levine in suits

Topping the Billboard music charts made Adam transition from sweats to suits and gave him the confidence to try out new trends and accessories

adam levine in ripped jeans and slouchy tees

Then came the tattoos. With a fully inked torso, sleeves and all, he sported ripped jeans and slouchy tees while still giving men the world over some serious #stylegoals.

adam levine in slouchy tees

The slouchy tees continued to make red carpet appearances too. Can’t blame him though, they’re the most flattering whether worn on their own or under a layer.

Adam levine style at reality television

Adam’s style matured as he became one of the judges on the popular reality television competition The Voice, where he opted for a polished look complete with buttoned up shirts, denim jackets and the slickest combover.

dusty rose levine adams style

Come in wife Behati Prinsloo-and now daughter Dusty Rose Levine-Adam’s style evolved to an all time high. The swag toned down, giving birth to the most sophisticated and suave husband and daddy of 2016.

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