Kendall Jenner knows what it takes to be one of the most stylish supermodels in the world. From being a trendsetter to a clotheshorse, Kendall is undoubtedly one of the most powerful fashion icons we have. From dangerously low necklines to ripped jeans and chic mules, Kendall knows how to make an impact with her choice of fashion pieces. Precisely why we decided to do a roundup of some of her best street style looks. Scroll down to see why she’s a fashion inspiration...

kendall jenner top knot style

When you have stems like that, it’s totally legit to wear ONLY a jumper and walk around like it’s NBD. The pointies and top knot strike the fine balance between sexy and casual. We’d be a little too much in love if we’d spot her slaying like this for real.

Kendall Jenner white blouse with skinny jeans look

When you’re Kendall, hotness is your second name. Here’s Ms. Jenner walking around the city in a dangerously low neck white blouse with skinny jeans and a top knot. Want to know how make risqué work for you? Take cues from this girl right here!

kendall jenner tee and cropped jeans look

We’re loving this combo of a mustard tee and cropped jeans. It’s like Kendall is the queen of casual chic ‘coz we don’t know anybody else who would look as yummy in this ensemble. Do you?

kendall jenner style inspiration

This look has one too many trends going on—dangerously ripped jeans, a sports bra with a mesh top and a fur bag. Is it working for her? Hell yeah! Coz when it’s Kendall playing the trendsetter, she’s bound to be a style inspiration.

kendall jenner fashion week look

We dress our best during fashion weeks but when you’re Ms. Jenner, you’re stylish 24/7. The striped separates work wonders for her body (thanks to those washboard abs). Everybody’s fave Stan Smiths finish out the casual look. No complaints here!

kendall jenner workout inspo

If this picture doesn’t have you hitting the gym, we don’t know what will. The sports bra, those leggings that are accentuating her toned gams and that perfect midriff that we’re so jealous of—Kendall is giving us serious workout inspo here!

kendall jenner knit crop top look

That knit crop top is fashion inspiration right there! Couple that with the Fendi charm and Stan Smiths and you have a fashionista in her. Gotta play copycats to this look, don’t you think?

kendall jenner tracks jumper look

Trust Kendall to pull off tracks and a jumper. To up the fashion ante, she wears black sunnies, a black satchel and white kicks. Effortlessly stylish, we say!

kendall jenner slit skirts look

Middle slit skirts are our favourite and when we see Kendall wearing them, it’s sure to look hella hot. She pairs her denim skirt with a lacy spaghetti strap top. Black mules and black sunnies take the look a notch higher.

kendall jenner crop top look

Kendall shows you how to make pink work without looking too girlie. The silk pants and crop top look perfect while those matching mirrored sunnies work like magic with this look. So hot!