If you haven’t been on a digital detox lately, you must’ve read about Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas getting engaged. This piece of goss is like that targeted online ad that follows you everywhere. It’s literally on every social media platform and is a story that’s really hard to miss. Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa Stark on Game Of Thrones has been dating the DNCE lead singer Joe Jonas for almost a year now and Joe Jonas decided to make things official.

Although we never expected this to happen so soon, especially after Joe’s “nothing serious” comment to a publication recently, we knew things were taking a turn when Sophie and Joe adopted a cute lil husky pup named Porky and made an official Instagram announcement about it.


October 15th 2017

October 15th 2017

Sophie and Joe announced their engagement to the world by posting a picture of her gorgeous engagement ring that he gave her with caption “I said yes” and “she said yes” respectively. Aww! Immediately after this was posted, fans, celebrities and friends from the industry took to social media to congratulate the couple! Including Nick Jonas!

While we’re totally happy for them and hope they make some really cute babies together, let’s throw some light on how fashionable they are! Every time this couple made an appearance together, their style was something we couldn’t miss. So here are all the times we loved how they complemented each other with respect to fashion and even chemistry that shows so evidently in pictures.

Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas’ Best Fashion look

Just a casual day out, soakin’ some the sun, giving us major #denimgoals, Sophie’s understated look is making us want to dig out that denim jacket from our closet and slip into it immediately! We love how Joe jonas’s buttoned up navy blue shirt and trousers balance the look.

Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas’ Best Fashion style

Here’s another picture of #Joephie having a laugh about something that we’re really keen on knowing. Not to miss, their contrasting sweaters tell us that opposites really do attract. We love how both of them look so comfortable in their outfits <3

Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas Fashion style

Seems like Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas both believe in “less is more” when it comes to dressing. Both of them kept it so simple with their beach look, we bet you wouldn’t even recognise them had they passed you by.

Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas’ relationship

A couple that walks their dog together, stays together. There’s no bigger evidence of a healthier relationship than that. If only we looked this fashionable while walking our dogs! Also, a very bold fashion move by Joe Jonas there, with the shorts layered over his leggings.

Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas’ Best Fashion Moment

Red and black is a classic, timeless combination and we love how these two decided to wear it so effortlessly. Sophie Turner is wearing a stunning red bodycon dress with red rose detailing which, honestly, we’d like to steal from her closet.

Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas Floral Cold Shoulder Dress

While Sophie decided to keep it easy and breezy in this floral cold shoulder dress, Joe Jonas opted for a bold, colour blocked jacket. Hope you’re taking tips, people!

They’re two people that are totally winning at style, pet parenting and setting really high standards for all the couples in the world and we can’t wait to see them have a dreamy, gorgeous wedding soon!

Image credits: Dailymail.co.uk, elitedaily.com, people.com, eonline.com, popsugar.com, justjared.com