The Biggest Celebrity Fashion Fails Of 2016

Written by Shreya ContractorDec 29, 2016
The biggest celebrity fashion fails of 2016
They say you ought to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes before you judge them. But the truth is, we can’t. We’re just idle viewers sitting behind a television screen, flipping through channels and web pages and Insta photos in our jammies, looking for a source of entertainment. It’s when that source fails that we create our own—and judge people. It's okay. It’s human. Besides, your life would be hella boring and brains hella uncreative if you’ve never pictured a celeb v/s cow face-off in your head. #JustSaying

Here’s a roundup of the celebrities who thought they could pull it off (better than a cow) but failed and ended up making up for some funny memes instead. Check them out—

Ranveer Singh

Solange Knowles

You know why there are such few men on the worst dressed list—because they don’t try too hard. But then again, there's Ranveer Singh. His acting chops may have won us over, but he can't win ‘em all—especially not in that purple orange combo he’s got on, that hurts the eye oh-so-much!


Kim Kardashian West

Solange Knowles

You've one helluva hot bod, Kim, but we'd rather not have it rubbed in our faces each time you step out of your house. Right? Some things should stay within the four walls—especially that wet haired do with an off shoulder that could make for a very sexy post-shower scene.


Sonam Kapoor

Solange Knowles

See this is what happens when you gloat over the idea of being a fashionista—you screw up. How about you stick to one style that suits you and let it grow on us, than biting off of every apple that falls off the tree aka every collection that hits the runway?

Solange Knowles

You've wondered more often than not—just what happens to celebrities on the red carpet? How does one explain wearing eyewear like that (probably stolen from the sets of Star Trek) on the red carpet? Just in case you hadn't got the memo Will, the avant garde Lady Gaga look is passé now.


Solange Knowles

Solange Knowles

Ermmm…Solange, dear, you've got it all wrong there, honey. When grandma told you to make a lemon tart, she didn't mean to include yourself as one of the ingredients (or garnish). Go back to your room, honey, and put on some actual pants—said grandma.

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