Former actress and flourishing author Twinkle Khanna, popularly known as Mrs Funnybones on social media, has carved herself quite a reputation for her crafty sense of humour and brutal honesty that comes with potentially no filter.

Whether it’s her take on current affairs, everyday observations or just a friendly jab at her celeb-buddies, she never holds back from speaking her mind. Twinkle Khanna‘s smart, sassy-self comes out best when she drops a casual tweet that’s subtly submerged in sarcasm and irony. We’re absolute fans of these low-key public blows on her Twitter feed and if you haven't had the privilege of reading them yet, this is your chance.

Here’s a list of the 10 times Twinkle Khanna proved she’s the queen of Twitter:

twinkle khannas on twitter

1. Her Pothole Theory couldn't have emerged at a better time. Given the cyclonic monsoons we’re enduring, this little reminder is pretty bang on!

twinkle khannas twitter

2. While facing an existential crisis and questioning everything in your life…the answer is always PANCAKES!

twinkle khannas the queen of twitter

3. If she’s got a beef to pick, she’s not going to be tender! Her sassy outburst on the beef ban was absolutely applaud-worthy.

twinkle khannas the queen of twitter toilet training

4. Her more recent attempt on Toilet Training the Box Office left us all with a few giggles.

twinkle khannas the queen of twitter  limping jedi

5. Who could ever forget the time she played The Limping Jedi. Interesting choice for a ‘foot in the mouth’ moment!

twinkle khannas the queen of twitter Triple Talaq

6. Her hilarious take on the setting aside of Triple Talaq and the ruling of Right to Privacy as a Fundamental Right left us in splits!

twinkle khannas tweets toilet humour

7. Here’s some more real time Toilet Humour…She’s rather crafty with these!

twinkle khannas tweets

8. You can always count on her to be brutally blunt and blatantly vocal about smelly feet…and her followers are no less!

twinkle khannas the queen of twitter meteorology astrology

9. If anyone can draw parallels between Meteorology and Astrology, and still manage to humour you, it’s Twinkle Khanna!

twinkle khannas the queen of twitter Yoga

10. The prerequisites to start your own cult - Yoga and lots of hair!

Whether it’s a serious public issue or just a passing day’s observations, Mrs. Funnybones never fails to crack us up with her witty tweets. Always count on her to deliver an impactful message through hilarious passing conversations.