Things You Must Do On Your Wedding Day

Written by Team BBSep 16, 2023
Things You Must Do On Your Wedding Day

Indian weddings are quite an elaborate affair, and hectic too. Especially for the bride and the groom, it tends to be a really long and tiring day that starts early in the morning with all those pre-wedding rituals and goes on till late in the night or till early morning the next day when the bride finally enters her new home. Sometimes, the rituals extend even beyond that. Hence, it is of critical importance that you be well prepared for the hectic routine of the day ahead.

Here are some tips that could help you prepare for one of the grandest and most memorable days of your life.


1. Eat properly

5.	Relax

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. On your wedding day however, it becomes even more important. You need ample energy if you are to survive all the activities of the day comfortably and with a smile on your face.  We’d recommend that you have some paranthas and juice for breakfast or something just as heavy. Chuck the thought of dieting from your mind for the day! You don’t want to be feeling drained and dizzy in the middle of it all, especially not when you are walking down the aisle.


2. Prioritise

5.	Relax

The important thing is to prioritise all your duties for the day. Make a list of all the things you need to do or need to get done. Plan your day well in advance. Make sure that you re-confirm all the appointments you’ve made and be there on time. Allot some of the work that needs to be done between your best friends, siblings and other family members, since this will make it a lot easier for you to get it all done well in time.


3. Beauty trial

5.	Relax

Make sure you’ve had at least one beauty trial before your wedding day and don’t try to experiment with something new right at the last moment. It is quite understandable for you to want to stand out and look different but trying something new on the very day of your marriage is certainly not the proper way to go about it. Go for a good spa treatment or a facial so as to get that stunning glow on your face. Make sure that you’ve planned out the schedule for all your facials, spas, make-up, and hair appointments well in advance in order to ensure a stress-free visit to the parlour.


4. Drink water

5.	Relax

The last thing you want on a day of such importance is to fall sick or be dehydrated. Have lots of water, fresh fruit juices, lemonade or coconut water; basically just about anything with high water content that you can lay your hands upon. It will help keep you fresh and glowing throughout the entire day. As we always say, it is better to be safe than sorry!


5. Relax

5.	Relax

This is one thing that most brides tend to forget and perhaps the most important one in this list as well. Stay relaxed on your wedding day. Everything will take its course, as perfect as it should be. The preparations will all be fine and everything will work out just perfectly. It is quite natural to feel a bit nervous because of all the anxiety and excitement surrounding the new life that you will be stepping into. Try to stay as calm as you can though. Take a warm water bath or find your favourite spot in the house and spend some time with yourself in order to calm those nerves. Listen to some soothing music or meditate if you’d like to. Whatever you do, the important thing is to be able to relax.

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