Five Silhouettes That Work Best On The Hourglass

Written by Anurag GulatiOct 11, 2018
Does anyone remember Shilpa Shetty in a saree? We do. If you are an Indian woman with an hourglass figure you have loads of options to choose from, all of which will work incredibly in your favour! Here are five Indian outfits that will make heads turn wherever you go.
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Saree with a short blouse, tied low waist
Nothing shows off a gorgeous figure more than a bare midriff with the saree starting low. Pick sheer or soft materials like chiffons, georgettes and soft nets. The colour palette should be pastel for very fair skins and a nice peach, coral or red to suit the duskier skin tones. We suggest leaving your hair untied to complete the look. We believe this silhouette was created for the hourglass!

The mermaid-cut lehenga
A narrow choli, with the fishtail lehenga starting mid waist is a look that will never go wrong on you. Oomph it up with accessories and a nice hairdo and you are all set to sizzle. The mermaid cut starts low, hugs the hips and gets narrow at the knees, thus flaunting your curves beautifully.

The anarkali with a twist
We are talking about the snug part starting beneath the bust and continuing till your waist, from where it fans out. Anarkalis are gorgeous and they look even more so on an hourglass. The traditional A-line anarkali might make you look bigger than you actually are, so opt for this style instead. Try tousled hair or a messy side braid to amp up your look.

Patiala Suit
Remember Geet from Jab We Met? Kareena Kapoor brought back the patiala salwar trend and it has stayed since then. If your hips are not too wide, pair these with an extra short kurti. For those who want to look slimmer, choose a kurta that cuts those hips horizontally and hence makes them look slimmer. Mix and match your salwars with shirts, tees or tunics to try something fun!

The bandage dress
Priyanka Chopra has worn these in every conceivable colour but the bandage dress truly defines a woman’s beauty like none other. If you have the confidence (you certainly have the curves!), then try this dress for an evening out. Keep only one accessory as the central focus and leave the rest of the look bare.

Anurag Gulati

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Anurag Gulati

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