Five Simple Trouser Rules For Wide Hips

Written by Deepa SajnaniJun 30, 2014
Beyoncé, Shakira, Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna – no we’re not just dropping celebrity names but pointing out the fact that they’re all pear shaped and picture-perfect. Sure, they have an army of stylists to make them look great and dress them up in outfits that suit them. But what do we do? How do we know what kind of trousers go with our body type? We’re giving you five simple rules to get your pants on right.
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Use boot cuts to distract
When picking out trousers or jeans, make sure you pick boot cuts or wide-legged ones. This distracts from your hips and creates a nice curve. They also make you look taller.

The tight-lose rule
Generally we would ask you to avoid skinny jeans for your body type. But if skinny is what you want, skinny is what you’ll get. Just make sure you follow the ‘tight-loose’ rule while you’re at it. Pair your tight fitting skinny jeans with a loose top that ends on your hipbone. This helps by cutting your body into two parts and minimising the hips. Add high heels to look slimmer and taller.

Your trusted dark hues
Navy blue and black are your go-to colours while picking out bottoms. Stick to a darker shade and you can’t go wrong. Add that pop of color to the look with a beautiful top or go crazy with your shoes and accessories. Direct the attention upwards.

Put on some killer kicks
Pear shaped or not, high heels are a girl’s best friends. They make you look taller, they help you stand correctly and more importantly, they tend to make you look less pear-shaped. Paired with those wide legged pants, you have the recipe for success.

Direct your embellishments
Avoid embellishments around the hip area. Stay away from directing too much attention to the hips. If you do want some embellishment on your jeans in any case, make sure they are clean and go in the vertical direction – like zips.

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