Jumpsuits are really hard to pick especially for apple shaped women. There are so many things that can go wrong when choosing one when you have a heavy top and a thick waistline. What you need to keep in mind is that you want to accentuate your slim legs. Read on to know how to get it right.
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It is about diverting attention
Anything that has buttons on the front will work for you. Anything that has a plain torso and then sequins or embellishments on the arms will work as well. Take focus away from the torso and you are set. We are not saying you don’t have a nice torso, what we are asking is to just bring attention to your other features as well.

Establish the neckline
Think V-necks and halter styles and steer clear of high necks and cowls. Choose a neckpiece which is petite to compliment your bosom. Also, avoid big and horizontal prints on the top half.

The bottom half
Choose cuffed or harem style jumpsuits to bring attention to your legs. You are lucky you can pull off such jumpsuits. Experiment with stylised bottoms as much as you can and try dual coloured jumpsuits where the bottom half is a lighter colour than the top half. This is sure to make you look more proportionate.

Choose your fabric wisely
Stay away from jersey materials, very shiny fabrics and light colours. You would rather pick small prints or solids in dark colours in fabrics like cotton, voile, silk etc. If this sounds boring, don’t be afraid to pair your jumpsuit with an embellished blazer or jacket to pep things up.