An ill fitted bra can harm you in more ways than one. Not only do they speak ill of your aesthetic dressing sense but aren’t too great for your bust either. From ligament ruptures to migraines to back problems, many health hazards find their origin in ill-fitted bras. It is important therefore to make sure you have picked yourself the right size that can do you more good than bad. Here are some tips that can help you find your best fitted size.
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Watch the band and strap size

Start with measuring your chest with a tape and then add 2 inches to that measurement—that’s your size.

A well fitted bra should hug your chest just right but the two finger rule also applies. If you can comfortably get two fingers under the band (the lower part of your bra) then you have landed yourself a comfortable band size. However if the back belt of your bra keeps climbing up and needs too much adjustment with the shoulder strap, you might need to get yourself re-measured.

The right cup size

Too many years of wearing the wrong bra, whether too loose or too tight, can take a toll on the natural shape of your girls. Keep in mind that the bra needs to fit your breasts the way a hand would fit in a glove—just right and not too tight. Be kind to your girls and allow them room to breathe—but not too much, obviously.

Swearing by the size

Measurements and sizes are all very important but knowing that sizes will vary according to the brands you shop at, is equally important. Plus, there will be times when a 36B cup size will fit you just right but you will need the band size adjusted to 34. It is advisable therefore to try one size up and down and then make a decision on your right size. If you aren’t too sure, you can always ask the shopping assistants to help you.

Ace the right size with these hacks

If you have sagging breast then pull up your shoulder straps so the measurement lady can take accurate measurement and you will not be stuck to a faulty size forever.

Different styles of bras can shape your breasts differently, be mindful of what styles you pick for longer hours.

If you wear padded bra, accurate measurement is going to be tough. On the day you are planning a fitting, avoid padded bras.

When trying on a bra, flip and wave your arms to check if the band climbs up or if you spill over and fall out. If you fall out from the bottom then the bra is too big for you. If you spill from the sides then it may be small. Shoulder strap adjustments come in handy at these times.

Careful with the armpit and back

Underwire bras poking in to your breasts or being spiked in your armpits are all clear signs of a wrong bra. The underwire should stay against the breastbone and if it morphs up or down then you have landed yourself a wrong size.