Are you subjected to murderous looks from other women at parties or at the gym or even at grocery stores? Maybe that’s because you have a body that most women would kill for. Hourglass shaped bodies are generally considered the most ideal body shape, but having the ideal body type isn’t enough, is it? Yes, curves are handy when you have your eyes on a cutie across the bar, but when you are having a conversation with someone in a boardroom; you want them to look you in the eye and not down south! So no, the solution is not wearing turtlenecks and long skirts! Your curves will always remain your best feature but sometimes when you don't want people to focus on them, why not subtly divert their attention to something else. Think simple. Think elegant. Think accessories.
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Belt it up
The most obvious and probably the best feature of the hourglass figure is the waist. Why not adorn it with a stylish waist belt, probably a striking colour, which will make your slim waist look petite.

Lengthen with a neckpiece
This one’s tricky. It’s all about the right length when it comes to necklaces for the simple fact that when worn wrong, they will probably attract unwanted attention to your ample chest. So the trick is to either wear a choker or wear necklaces long enough to reach your midriff.

Strut in those heels
Another way to distract people from your curves is to try and elongate your legs to make your hips look slimmer. Remember, it’s all about proportions. So slip on a pair of darling peep-toes, preferably nude sling backs, and get your swagger on!

Pick the right handbag
Steer clear of bulky handbags. Look for rounded and floppy bags as they complement your figure better than structured or rectangular bags. Make sure the bags hang till your waist and not lower.

See? Subtle, elegant and simple indeed!