Are you guilty of feeling like you’re on the fast track to being a circus clown when it comes to colour blocking? Well, you’re not the only one. Add to that a body with killer curves and what do you get? Colour confusion! We’re here to solve this one for you and help you with easy style tips to colour block your gorgeous curvy figure.
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Be colour smart
Play to your strengths, girls! If you’re hourglass with a fuller upper body than your lower, use two contrasting colours that meet at the waist; making sure you keep the darker colour for your top. If you have a more generous bottom, wear dark solids there.

Structure it
You’ll have to work a little hard for this one. Next time you shop, go structured all the way. Look for a two-tone colour blocked body con dress (e.g. beige and black), that has black colour blocked panels on the side. It creates the illusion of a tinier waist and also highlights your curves just right.

colour blocking for the hourglass body 300 400

Opt for solid hues
The hourglass body looks fab in structured dresses. Pick one in a solid cobalt blue. To colour block this, throw on a solid fuchsia pink nipped in jacket that highlights your shapely waist, too. Alternatively, you can also leave the jacket open and wear a stretch belt over your dress, sitting just at the slimmest part of your waist.

Pair neutral tones
Neutrals bring out the colour pop more than anything! If you don’t want to sport two bold colours at once, like a hot pink and deep purple, opt for neutral instead. Pair a beige top with bold tangerine trousers or a classic white shirt with a poppy green skirt.