Hips truly never lie, and reveal every moment of food lust that your lips have enjoyed. If you, like many Indian women, are blessed with ample hips and a small torso then let us guide you with a couple of tips that can help your pear shape body look proportionate.
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Trusted blacks
Black jeans, trousers, pants, skirts, dresses – Black is slimming and that is the first rule for a fashionista. Know that, embrace that, love that. In fact if you pair it up with a bright coloured solid top, you will pull focus away from those hips. The key is to use a brighter colour on top to widen your torso and black at the bottom to slim your hips.

Black’s closest second
While we all know by now that black is the ‘it’ slimming colour, you can’t always be wearing black. To switch things up try navy or grey, the two neutral shades that match almost anything and work well to conceal problem areas.

Rich plums and burgundys
Wines, plums and burgundy are trendy and classy shades for an evening out and even otherwise. They work superbly with the Indian skin tone. Opt for a sexy dress or a pencil skirt in this colour. Even a plain saree in wine with chandelier earrings will have you hogging all the attention. But on a serious note, do carry a pepper spray.

Let them go green with envy
This particular shade of green, if combined with a nice fit, can help hide your hips and give the impression of a slimmer bottom. Try this in an Indian outfit or palazzo pants and a loose top and see the results.