Not everyone has a body like Beyoncé Knowles, but if you are blessed with heavenly curves, it is imperative that you dress them to the fullest! These lovely lady lumps deserve your complete devotion—so pick the right dress to celebrate them in all their glory. The key is to stay close to your natural body line.
dress those curves beyonce hourglass 02 300x400

Cut it out
This style is both chic and sexy and absolutely perfect for your body type. Be it a side-waist cut-out or front-midriff-slit cut-out, all variations of this style flatter your body type tremendously and make you look oh-so-feminine.

Draw the empire-line
This style flatters your full bust, while drawing a line just under it, emphasising your tiny waist and then flaring out and skimming over your full hips. Think Marilyn Monroe and her most famous picture in the white dress! Got it? Yes, it’s an empire line dress. Yes, she had an hourglass figure. Yes, just like yours. You are welcome.

dress those curves beyonce hourglass 01 300x400

Work it like a bell hop
Fitted is the key here. Wear a fitted bell hop blazer that ends right on the waist. This flatters your body shape because it cuts in at your small waistline. Try the sailor blazer trend this season that de-emphasises the fullness of your ample chest. Perfect trend, tailor-made just for you!

Use the pencil
Pencil skirts are ideal for your body type for many reasons.
a. It hugs your hips beautifully.
b. It tapers and skims over the thighs and ends at the narrowest point, your knees, thus exaggerating those curves beautifully! Classy and effective.