Before you go for that expensive pair of glasses that might cost you a month’s salary, ask yourself how well they’re likely to frame your face. Going for that trendy pair of tortoise shell may seem tempting but it can devastate your entire look if they aren’t meant for your face shape. Play up your best features, by finding out which style of glasses suit your face, with our short guide below.

how to choose glasses for square face shape 600x400

For a square-shaped face

Go for: Styles that soften your features. Look for those with round edges like aviators, pilots and tortoise shell in gold tones and bright colours—they help soften your sharp jawline while making for the perfect selfie. A minimalist cat-eye frame is also a good option, as it lends a more feminine look while making your face appear oval.

Avoid: Oversized and black frames, as they will only make you face appear bigger and sharper, lending a rather distracting look.

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how to choose glasses for heart face shape 600x400

For a heart-shaped face

Go for: More structured styles, as they help reduce the broadness of your face. Wayfarers, square and rectangle shaped glasses in black or brown makes your face look perfect while giving it a little length by defining your jaw line.

Avoid: Oversized frames that are wider from the rims, pilot style and big frames to avoid a broader looking face.

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how to choose glasses for oval face shape 600x400

For oval shape

Go for: Oversized frames in any shape or colour. It complements the soft, curved lines of your face, while making you look more dramatic. The best part about this face shape is that most eyewear styles complement it: cat eye, round, aviators, butterfly or wayfarers.

Avoid: Pilot style, as it further lengthens your face.

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how to choose glasses for round face shape 600x400

For a round face

Go for: Sharper geometric styles like rectangles, triangles or squares, as they will flatter the fullness of your cheeks. Black and other dark colours give the illusion of a thinner face.

Avoid: Any round styles, as they will make your face appear fuller.

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