The Right Colours To Wear For Your Skin Tone

Written by Khadijah EbrahimSep 16, 2023
The right colours to wear for your skin tone
We’re sure this has happened to you before—you excitedly order a dress online only to find that it looks washed out and completely different on you than it did on the model. To avoid this from happening time and again, here are some tips for you to identify which colours look the best on you based on your skin tone. So, here are some guidelines to keep in mind before you splurge at your favourite store.

Lighter skin tones

Darker skin tones

If you have a pale complexion, opt for darker shades: these include colours like maroon, navy, emerald green and royal purple. The contrast will accentuate your features and brighten up your face.
Wearing pastels and lighter neutral shades is a big no-no if you’re on the pale side of the  colour spectrum. The colours will blend with your skin in an unflattering way and make your skin look washed out. Unfortunately, for the minimalist dressers out there, black and white are also not great. While some amount of contrast works really well, black and white provides too much of a contrast, making you look pastier than normal.


Medium skin tones

Darker skin tones

For those of you with warmer olive skin tones, it’s a good idea to stick close to wearing warm tones like rich oranges and yellows. If you decide to mix it up and wear cooler colours, try and go for the ones with a warmer undertone. A vibrant turquoise in the blue family or a deep magenta from the purple hues will go a long way.
Try to skip out on the colours that are at the opposite end of the spectrum—especially frosty blues or purples.


Darker skin tones

Darker skin tones

You guys should be thanking your lucky stars that black, white, cool, warm—almost everything works for you! Whether you opt for a mustard summer dress or a cornflower blue pantsuit, you can take comfort in the fact that your wardrobe can be as diverse as your personality. The main colour we ask you to stay away from is brown (and to be honest, this shouldn’t be hard), because who would want to wear a brown when they could be rocking lapis lazuli?


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