How To Work The Ruler Shape

Written by Sweta WaghAug 26, 2016
While it was passable to hear that you had a ‘boyish’ figure in school, I bet we all cringe at the word, now that we’re all grown up! The ‘ruler’ body type is typically narrow and straight with an overall petite frame, most often. Read on to find out fashion tips and tricks that can make you look curvaceous.
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More volume, please
Who says a narrow body can’t look sexy? By choosing the right shapes to flatter your form, you can create the illusion of curves. Include tutu or flared skirts and ruffled dresses that add flounce to the lower half. For a fuller top half, wear ruffled tops, embellished and power shoulders and puff sleeves.

Belt it up

Don’t we love simple tricks? This one’s just that. Stock up on broad belts with metal clasps and cinch your breezy tunic or that pretty floral summer dress to give added definition to your waist.

Peplum perfect
Yes, we’ve had a bit of an overdose of peplum already, but knock yourself out with this silhouette to curve up your straight frame. This trend is such a savior for those of us who want shapelier waists and hips.

Boot cut uncut
It is retro to the rescue here, ladies. A slim waist that graduates into a wider hem (aka the boot cut trouser), gives the impression of overall shapeliness.

Blazer ready
Don’t limit this staple just for boring meetings. A blazer is a great way to dress up the quintessential jeans and tee look. Invest in a nipped-in blazer with a button at the waist to give the appearance of fuller hips.

That’s a wrap

A wrap dress is a must-have for a ruler body. Sometimes pleated at the bust, or at the waist, the folds create the illusion of a fuller body. We say go for a printed one to add that extra bit of volume

Styled in stripes
Stripes that run across your body horizontally make you look wider and look great on a slight frame,” according to fashion blogger Anushka Hajela of Bombay Bubble. Choose from a range of tops in monochromatic stripes or a full on striped maxi dress to widen your frame, overall.

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