Layer Up Lean Ladies!

Written by Deepa SajnaniJun 30, 2014
You have a ruler-like body type and you love it! Of course you do, as you have nothing to hide and nothing to worry about. But then, sometimes having curves don’t hurt and if there’s any way to make that happen, you definitely want in on that secret, right? So here goes. Layering is the sure shot way of creating an illusion of curves. So here’s a 101 on layers.
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Rule of three
Start with basic layering of colours, garments and textures. Wear a buttoned-down shirt with a thin sweater topped with a blazer. This basic form of layering helps tremendously in adding interesting elements that overpower the need to look for curves.

Texture it up
Think lace, feathers, pleats and other forms of textures. These add volume to any silhouette. So when you layer one texture with another, like wearing a lace shirt with a pleated/ruched jacket, it gives an illusion of curves.

Capes to the rescue
Capes are a style of jackets that are shapeless, yet chic and can be lifesavers at times. Their superpower is that their silhouette is exaggerated and can overpower any shape underneath, adding a whole new perspective to the shape of your waist and hips.

Let your belt do the trick
A belt is also a layer of sorts and helps to alter your bodylines. When worn at the narrowest part of your waist, it cinches your waist in and adds a slight curve to your body. It’s a classic and any width/style of belt can be used for such layering, so go nuts!

Go big on scarves
When it’s about adding dimensions to your body, scarves are an obvious go-to item. Especially oversized scarves that overlap and wrap around your neck to add volume to your upper body, hence creating an illusion of volume. Try textures or bold prints as they work even better.

We’re talking 3D skirts
A 3D skirt is a skirt with exaggerated pleats. It is voluminous and can give the appearance of fuller hips. So make sure to wear them wisely. Pair them with a plain blouse or an understated top. Avoid wearing a jacket with this look.

Get smart with your basics
Use colour-blocking as a guideline and use basics from your wardrobe to form unusual layers. For example, top a simple white and black blouse with a black bralet /corset and wear it with black pants. It’s an interesting combination that can take your look to another level altogether and divert the attention away from your body frame.

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