I think we all have pictures from our old days that make us wonder, “What was I thinking wearing that?” before we discreetly shove them off at the bottom of the picture pile. We are here to make sure that you don’t take any more embarrassing pictures of yourselves dressed disastrously. So here are the mistakes to never, ever make again.
mistakes apple shapes should avoid 500x300

Steer clear of clinging clothes
Wearing clingy and tight tops/tees: Garments that hug your body are not a good idea as they don’t do anything to de-emphasise your stomach and instead draw unwanted attention towards your bust.

Baggy trousers are a complete no
You have nice legs, why not show them off wearing a dress that draws attention away from your stomach and to those gorgeous legs.

Bid goodbye to high-waist belts
Belts are best when worn on the thinnest part of the body. In your case, your waist might not benefit from being adorned by a belt as it draws attention to your belly.

These boots are not meant for walking in
Boots will undermine the length of your gorgeous legs and you don’t want that as those are your assets. So wear heels as they have a slimming effect on your legs.

Ditch loud prints 
Prints only serve to attract attention to your stomach, so instead choose a princess cut dress in monochrome or in hues that are darker on the outer panel. This will create a slimming effect, giving an illusion of a shapely lean body.