‘Rule’ Your Bridal Lehenga

Written by Deepa SajnaniApr 15, 2020

For any woman, her bridal dress is her most coveted possession. It has to be more than perfect. We at BeBEAUTIFUL understand the plethora of choices out there and the confusion they bring about building up to your big day, so we’ve put in our expertise in helping you select a lehenga that you’d want to go back to time and again.

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Go bold with your choli
A ruler shaped body is typically narrow at the waist, with slim hips and a small bust. Adding curves is key here. You’re lucky as you can get away with a bold choli, showing off your midriff and preferably with a deep back to create a more feminine silhouette. You can choose any sleeve style, but short ones work best or better yet, opt for a deep sleeveless choli.

Bring out the fish-cut lehenga
For a fuller appearance in your lehenga, you must pick the fish-cut style. To go the more traditional route, wear the classic full ghera lehenga that will add more volume to your frame. Avoid the A-line lehenga as it will fall flat on your body and not add any dimensions to your straight shape.

Opt for a stiff dupatta
Choose from a variety of stiff fabrics for your dupatta, such as tusser silk, organza or brocade so that it holds up. A flowy dupatta will only fall flat on your body. Drape it such that it gives the illusion of more curves on your body; start from the right shoulder, bring it around and tuck it in the lehenga on the right side for a fuller hip.

Lighter hues
Your options are endless! You can choose any colour for your lehenga. Go for lighter shades, preferably baby pink or sky blue with a contrasting dark dupatta. Experiment with colour blocking.

It’s all about the little details
For an athletic body like yours, you can opt for fabrics like organza, taffeta and silk. Ruching and pleating details further add much needed volume to your figure. Avoid fabrics that cling to the body as they would make you look more ‘straight’.

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