Don’t let your shopping expedition turn into a nightmare. Here is our checklist of what works and what doesn’t on the pear shape body.
silhouettes the pear shape should stay away from 500 300

A short body hugging top
Repeat after us, “I will never ever wear a short snug fit top” Remember, the aim is to create an illusion of proportion and take eyes away from the hips. When you wear a short top, your hips stand out in all their glory!

Skinny Jeans
You need the kind of jeans that taper away from the body, not towards it. This takes emphasis away from wide hips. So boot-cuts and wide-bottoms actually flatter your figure while skinny jeans are suicide.

Tunics in the wrong length
The problem is that you cannot go too long or too short with your tunics if you are pear shaped. You have to find your perfect length – somewhere just above your knees is ideal. Wearing something which is made of a stretch fabric and wraps around your hips will look very unflattering so take care while choosing fabrics.

Any dress with a big chunky belt
Resist that satanic voice in your head that urges you to grab the chunkiest belt out there. For you a classic, thin belt will do the trick. You need a dress that emphasises your waistline while creating an illusion of broad shoulders. A thick belt will just exaggerate the hips further.

Short shorts are a no no
No. We do not even need to explain it. Some are born to wear short shorts. Some aren’t. Just promise that you will never don a pair. Look for shorts that end mid-thigh and preferably ones that are slightly loose on the thigh.