As much as everyone would like to have a model like body, only a few are blessed with a lean silhouette that can pretty much carry off anything. Yes, we are talking about the ruler body type. So all you lucky girls out there, we tell you just what you need to make the most of your enviable figure.
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High and mighty necklines
Necklines such as turtle, crew neck, boat neck and off shoulder styles make the chest look fuller than it actually is and are always on the fashion radar. Since rulers usually have a modest chest size, they can easily carry off these high-fashion high necklines.

Flirtatious frills
Think exaggerated frills, be it at the top or at the bottom. Your lean body type can only benefit from the volume that these gorgeous frills add. So try that blouse with front pleats, or that skirt with that extra flounce or those peplum dresses and skirts.

Curvy mermaid skirts
Fitted on the hips and thighs and flaring towards the bottom, this style is perfect because the flared bottom gives the illusion of fuller hips. It creates the illusion of some gorgeous curves.

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Tantalising Tuxedo style
A peplum style jacket that ends at the hips with skinny trousers! It’s chic and sexy and a perfect fit for you as it fits at the waist and flares out a little to give the illusion of fuller hips and a narrower waist.

Bra Belle
A bra top has become a staple for the coming seasons and your skinny shape will carry off this trend beautifully. Select a style that gives your top a boost or perhaps something a bit more daring. Then, pair it with a matching skirt or wear under a sheer knit or blazer.

Drop(dead gorgeous)-ped waist dress: This 20’s style dress falls straight from the bust to mid waist and then flares out at the hip. This style only works on those who have a lean waist. Also, the flare is quite flattering for your narrow hips. It’s a match made in heaven!

What are you waiting for? Be a canvas for your own love-affair.