You know you are a ruler body type when your voluptuous girlfriends make fun of your bra size and in the next moment sigh enviously at your lack of body curves, which enable you to wear anything and everything and still look like a million bucks. But if the model-esque figure is a source of worry every once in a while, we tell you how to cheat your way to some enviable curves.
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Adorn that waist: Your body type generally has a petite waist so embrace that fact and accessorise using belts and waist chains. You can try the latest trend in thick metallic belts as well.

Volumise using pleats and flounces: As you are lean and petite, you need to focus on adding volume to your hips, especially when wearing skirts. So pick skirts with textures and enhancements like gathers, patched harmonium pockets, frills etc.

Colour it warm: Just like black is slimming, bright warm colors and candy colours add volume. So go for light colored dresses and skirts. Where other body shapes have to shy away from pastels and sheer materials, you can use them to the fullest to your advantage.

Ahem hem: Your lean figure makes you seem taller than you are, so why not show off some legs. Almost any length suits your body type. A couple of styles that complement your body type are:

  • A-line: A simple yet elegant way to alter your silhouette.
  • Balloon: This style worn at the right length achieves what an A-line skirt does while also adding a fun element to your look. So wear it casual, wear it short!
  • Pleated: Like gathers, pleats add desired volume to a garment. A pleated skirt adds volume at your hips, giving them a rather full look. You can try the same with pants and shorts as well.
  • Layered: Layering is another tried and tested way of adding volume to your silhouette. The more the fabric, the fuller your figure appears.
  • Full circle skirt: Worn short or long, this skirt makes you feel like a little girl again!
  • Pencil skirts: These skirts do not follow the volumising principle. What they in fact do is create the illusion of fuller hips by tapering at the bottom. What a trick!