What Kim Kardashian Taught Us

Written by Anurag GulatiJun 30, 2014
Kim Kardashian is all things big, bold, and at times beautiful. If you happen you have the same body type as she does, you can learn from her mistakes. Here’s what the hourglass celebrity’s fashion faux pas have taught us.
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Please don’t rub it in
We know you have an incredible figure. We know your figure is what everyone wants. But you need to avoid everything that accentuates your proportions like the plague. Anything that draws explicit attention to your front and behind at the same time needs to go out the closet.

There is a difference between snug and fit
A dress that is too hard to get into is probably too tight for you. You got curves, so celebrate them instead of trying to get into the smallest size you find. Anything that shows off your body is good enough, you do not need to squeeze yourself into it.

Too much cleavage is not high fashion
Now now, you want to leave something to the imagination. You already have an hourglass shape and you don’t want to draw further attention to your curves. Showing cleavage has to be done right and very few people can truly manage that. Leave the trend for the catwalk and cover up!

Think about your arms
If you've got big arms in the package deal with the hourglass, than you need to pay attention to how much skin show you want to do when it comes to your arms. We suggest you wear 3/4th sleeves to give the impression of slimmer arms.

Use your petite waist to your advantage
Think belts. Think high-wasted jeans. Think shirts that taper towards the waist. Think trench coats. Anything that shows off your shape in a subtle manner is what you want to wear.

Don’t let it hang loose
You do not want to look like a rectangle. Come what may, avoid an outfit that doesn’t do anything for your waist and makes you look like a giant rectangle. So kaftan, shapeless drapes and shift dresses are a complete ‘No’ for your body type. If you already own these, bring out your belts and cinch the waist right away.

Anurag Gulati

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Anurag Gulati

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