Next time you’re in front of a mirror, take a good look: If your hips and derriere are wider than your shoulders, you've won yourself a pear-shaped body. A little know-how of dressing for your body shape will sure go a long way, and here’s where we give you a cheat-sheet.
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Here’s a shout out to all you bootylicious pears! Scroll down our list of what-not-to-do and look your best everyday.

Conning your body
Avoid body-con dresses and leave them for model shapes to wear. Due to their tightness, there’s nowhere for your body to go. This kind of silhouette will only highlight your problem areas a.k.a your hips.

Colour me right
Pear shapes need to play it smart when it comes to colour-blocking. If you’re wearing a dress with a dark colour on the top and a lighter one on bottom, you’re next in line to be crowned the queen of pears! The top half will look narrower than it already is and lighter colours on the bottom half will only accentuate your hips further. A dress with a combination that is vice-versa is your best bet.

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No frill, no fuss
Dodge any dresses with embellishments or details on the bottom. Large prints, horizontal patterns, frills, sequins, gemstones or bold embroidery are a no-no for pear shapes. Invest in a statement neckpiece to play out your top half instead. The thumb rule is to balance the top and bottom by creating an illusion of proportion.

Small wonder, big blunder
Mini dresses are great if you’ve got toned legs but most pear shapes tend to have slightly heavy and stubby legs. If this is the case then you are better off wearing A-line dresses that end just above the knee.