First up, if you have the hourglass body type, go and give yourself a hug because that is the most sought after body type. And if you have decided to flaunt it then wearing the right maxi dress is necessary. Here is your guide to finding the right maxi dress.
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Taper at the waist and then let it flow
As an hourglass, your waist is your biggest asset. Anything that highlights the fact that you have a narrow waistline and then just hangs over your behind is the perfect outfit for you. When you find one, don’t let it go.

Pair it with the right shoes
A maxi dress looks best on tall people. If you are not one of them then make sure you add heels to make the dress fit well.

Never go shapeless
If a dress is designed to just hang from your shoulders; it is not the dress for you. You have so much going for you, which this dress absolutely dismisses. You have to stay away from kaftan styles and instead opt for silhouettes that hug the waist or use a belt to do so.

Choose the right amount of skin show
Showing more skin doesn’t necessarily mean sexy. Opt to show off only one asset at a time, so if your dress has a slit then make sure your torso is well-covered, if your neckline is too deep then make sure your arms are covered and so on.

Make sure the fabric doesn’t stick to your behind
Need we say more? Stretchy lycra and lamé are certainly fabrics that will lay extra emphasis on your curves so choose wisely. Also, please choose proper innerwear that is not visible from underneath the dress. Nothing ruins a dress more than panty lines. All popular lingerie stores house seamless underwear and shape-wear to be especially worn under dresses like these. Invest in one.