Jewel Up Your Ears With These Statement Cuffs

Written by Khubi Amin AhmedSep 16, 2023
Jewel up your ears with these statement cuffs
Much like Indian women themselves, jewellery in the Indian context has seen a major shift in the recent past with the newest jewellery trends being nothing like they used to be.

In tow with the contemporary wave of feminism in India, we have seen an onset of a new wave of contemporary jewellery designs as well. Jewellery design aesthetics today are a lot like the women of today—edgy, experimental, minimalist, chic and bold all at once!

One such edgy swing to the standard earrings are the ear cuffs. Here are some of our absolute favourites...

Misho – Modern minimalism with tribal accents

Quirksmith – Chic yet classic

This very exquisite cuff fits into your hair bun, runs along your face and has an extension that fits onto your ears thus doubling up as an ear cuff!

This double cuff from the Katana collection by Misho is yet another piece that will take your accessory game a few notches higher with its simple yet chic elements.


Amrapali – An expression of femininity through traditional arts

Quirksmith – Chic yet classic

A celebration of femininity and individuality, the Mandawa Art Pastel jewellery is for those who enjoy soft, delicate and feminine designs. These cuffs in traditional and delicate designs are for when you want to channel your inner diva.


Suhani Pittie – So strong, so fragile all at once

Quirksmith – Chic yet classic

Perfect for an edgy damsel not in distress, Suhani Pittie’s designs are all about mixing feminine accents with contemporary design and these ear cuffs with a crystal twist are proof. A striking blend of feminine, strong and edgy—what’s not to love about these cuffs?


Quirksmith – Chic yet classic

Quirksmith – Chic yet classic

Ethnic accents teamed with contemporary designs, the brand Quirksmith is just so true to its name! And their ear plugs? Just apt for when you want to dress the boho in you!

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