The Complete ‘Back-To-College' Capsule Wardrobe

Written by Shreya ContractorOct 24, 2018
The Complete ‘Back-To-College' Capsule Wardrobe
Sure you’ve heard of the term ‘capsule wardrobe’ before. No? Well, it’s a miniature version of your entire wardrobe, narrowed down to the few basic essentials that you couldn’t do without and that could save you on days when you’ve nothing else to wear.

A capsule wardrobe consists of basics such as tanks, tees and shirts, a few good layer-ons, staple denims, statement accessories and signature shoes that you’d pair with almost any outfit, day or night! So if you don’t have one yet, it’s about time you got started with it.

A capsule wardrobe not only saves you plenty of dress-up time and hassle each morning, but also helps you plan your purchases and eventually cut-down on impulsive buys because now you know better.

So the next time you wake up late for class, you’ll only have yourself to thank for the narrowed-down-to-30-pieces of wardrobe essentials.

Shirts, tops and tees

Accessory essentials

A crisp white shirt and T-shirt have got to feature in your essentials.

You couldn’t do without tank tops in black and white, so add those. Add two tops in colour or print but be sure to have variations in sleeve lengths. Complete this with the most comfy nude camisole to save you in case of wardrobe malfunctions.


Denims, leggings and shorts

Accessory essentials

It goes without saying your favourite pair of blue jeans make the cut. Add a pair of ripped jeans and a particular one in white that fits you so well, you would never second-guess it. Denim shorts never hurt anyone, so be sure to add those. And do not forget black leggings, your ultimate go-to for most occasions.


Dresses in different lengths and patterns

Accessory essentials

You must own something red, something white, something lacy and something black. Play with the lengths of dresses to see what you’re most comfortable with, but own at least one dress that’s short and one that’s long.


Cardigans, blazers and jackets

Accessory essentials

Neutral cardigans in black and beige would be safer bets but you could always balance the colour palette with a blazer in a bright colour. Pick one you’re most confident about and live with it. Lastly, swear by a blue denim jacket for any occasion. Period.


Pumps, flats and sneakers

Accessory essentials

You couldn’t do without a pair of signature black and nude pumps. And you will need a pair of sneakers, in white preferably, for when your feet start to hurt. Have a pair of metallic strappy flats and a clean pair of ballerinas for variety as much as for practicality.


Accessory essentials

Accessory essentials

Going minimal with accessories is usually the right way to go, but you’re allowed to own a statement handbag. For other days, a tan tote and a black backpack always work.

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