Let’s face it, we all have mornings when we wake up only wanting to go back to bed, or feel too lazy to get dressed formally (or at all) for work. Well guess what, now you actually can!

Bammies, the latest fashion trend straight off Spring’s 2016 runways is the boudoir elegance style statement that lets you wear pajamas outside the house. Wondering how to incorporate it into your daily wardrobe? Here are a few fashion tips from the most fashionable Pinterest boards…

A collection that jump started the trend, designed by co-founders Rosario Chozas and Julia Ford-Carther called ‘Bammies’ teams together jammies and business wear! Designed for the inspiring, modern and powerful woman, the collection is all things practical and comfortable. At first glance it seems to be a range that transforms you from bedroom to boardroom, from formal to informal and from work life to relaxed life, seamlessly!

bammies pyjamas you wear to office

The current six-piece ‘Bammies’ collection includes a black blazer, wide hammer pants, a boxy white sleeper t-shirt and a kimono style robe business dress, all made in wrinkle-free flowing fabric. And with an official line now out, it’s no surprise that the trend is flooding the street style market.

bammies pyjamas wear to office

Stylists the world over have already begun to endorse the trend with chic silk sets, piped cotton night wear, fun prints, mismatched separates teamed with high heels or sneakers and it all does seem too comfy to go out of style anytime soon.

Images: Pinterest