Who doesn’t love the idea of versatile accessories! They are the key to being eternally stylish, after all! Works well for both- work and play, we put together our edit of most reliable festive accessories that could be worn to office and party alike. Check ’em out...

accessories for office and party 327x337

A pair of dressy earrings

If you think this one is not for the boardroom, think again! This pair of earrings is just what your monotonous black formal dress needs. While its deep blue glass cabochon makes it quite an after work option, its geometric shape lends a powerful and unique twist to your everyday office wear.

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A skinny silky scarf

While you may be spending most of your days in Indian clothes, we suggest you get your hands on a skinny scarf to personalise your look. Throw it around your neck or on your shoulder as a dupatta while out enjoying a festive meal and at work tie it around your classic tote for an unusual approach to formal dressing.

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A black and gold suede or leather belt

If you want to make your denim look polished opt for a luxurious looking belt with gold details. While it uplifts your casual Friday look it also manages to add a dash of glam to your festive attire. If you are not a fan of black you can look out for options in white or Persian blue as the hues lend a look as rich as black does.

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accessories for office party 600x400

An on-trend bag

Pick one with on-trend details such as tassels, rhinestones or patchwork to make a fab impression no matter where you are headed. Currently, we are lusting over all things earthy and this bag makes for the perfect choice to stand out from the rest; whether you’re in office or at a family gathering.

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A crystal necklace

No festive look is ever complete without bling! And when you wear it to the boardroom, be assured you’re off to a great start to make that presentation successful. Let it stand out by wearing it over black or a rich colour like burgundy or emerald to leave behind a lasting impression.

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