It would be so tempting to own an hourglass body, with equal-sized shoulders and hips, and a thin waist! The truth of the matter is, however, that very few of us actually do. In order to look picture perfect, you can always take the help of our styling tricks, which will make you look like you have an hourglass body even when you don’t. Here’s how...

genuis hacks to fake hour glass body pear shape body 430x550

For a pear-shaped body

Your problem area is your hips. Balance it out with your shoulders by going for shoulder-padded blazers and blouses. Also, be very mindful while picking colours. Dark colours for your tops are a complete no-no as they will lay emphasis on your pear shape instead of making it look hourglass. Go for light-hued tops and dark or rich-hued bottoms instead for an hourglass illusion.

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genuis hacks to fake hour glass body apple body 430x550

For an apple-shaped body

Your problem area is your upper body. Balance it out by going for flared bottoms in lightweight fabrics to create a balance with your shoulders and bust. When it comes to your upper body, stick to dark colours with lesser details especially around the bust and stomach. Palazzo pants paired with denim shirts or A-line skirts with V-neck tops can help you fake the perfect figure.

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genuis hacks to fake hour glass body ruler figure 430x550

For a ruler-shaped figure

You just need to define your waist as you already have equal-sized shoulders and hips. Going for A-line dresses and skirts that cinch at the waist or wearing a skinny belt will help lend your figure an hourglass illusion. Wear bright colours for a more feminine appeal.

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The ultimate trick: Twin sets work surprisingly well for any body type in order to fake an hourglass figure. But make sure you choose appropriate colours or play safe by going for black, white or solid colours.