A fitness enthusiast will be able to tell you how she considers her sports bra to be her armour while working out. From supporting your chest to allowing you free movement as you train, the sports bra is a part of every girl’s favourite workout gear. But this is not to say that you can go ahead and buy just about any sports bra out there. Buying a sports bra needs research because you want to make sure your body supports you as much as your mind while you’re gearing up for a workout session. Here’s everything you need to know about them…

What activity are you indulging in?

Before you go in for a sports bra, you should know the kind of activity you need one for. There are different types of bras for various activities. This is because sports bras have been designed in such a way that they provide three levels of support—low, medium and high. A low-support bra is generally worn for low impact sports such as walking or yoga. The medium support sports bra is worn for a sport like cycling. But if you happen to be a runner or are into zumba or aerobics, you need a high support bra.

Know your straps

right sports bra for your activity type

Crisscross straps: These straps are crossed at the back and provide medium support. These straps are mostly adjustable so you can adjust depending on how comfortable you feel.

Wear it for: A cycling session.

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sports bra for your activity type

Racerback: These sports bras create a Y shape at the back. The straps aren’t adjustable so you need to make sure it fits you perfectly before you purchase one. They’re perfect for big busted ladies but aren’t recommended for rigorous exercises.

Wear it for: Swimming or strength training

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right sports bras for your activity type

Tank sports bra

This one’s like an everyday sports bra but provides you with an unbelievable support. They usually come with a back closure, which means your shoulders get that much-needed extra support.

Wear it for: Jogging, running or tennis.

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What to keep in mind while trying a sports bra…


One of the biggest rules to buying a perfect sports bra is the fit—it should be tight but not so much that you can’t breathe. But it’s definitely much tighter than the regular bra you wear.

Thin or thick straps

It is obvious that a thin strap bra is meant for small breasted women who don’t need too much support and are indulging in a low impact exercises. However, thick straps are meant for women who are well-endowed as well as for those who are indulging in high intensity workouts.

Beware of chafing

Make sure there’s no chafing around the arm holes. Remember that the chafing is only going to get worse as you run and sweat making your skin rough and itchy.

Choose the right size

If you truly want to know how to wear a sports bra right as well as ensure that you’ve picked up the correct size, raise your hands and see if the elastic band moves up your rib cage. If it does, you naturally need a smaller band.