It might take you by surprise but your neckline adds a lot of character to your outfit. Wearing necklines that are comfortable, stylish and formal can be tricky and you obviously don’t want to get stuck with the usual scoop neck that makes your outfit seem too boring. Our short guide below will help you how to break this neckline monotony!

experiment with necklines to beat workwear boredom 430x550

Keyhole neckline

It creates a small gap in the front exactly at the centre of your necklace resembling a keyhole. It is best worn in fabrics like chiffon or pure cotton. Also, it makes for the best detailing anyone can wear to work.

750; Available on

experiment with necklines to beat officewear boredom 430x550

Yoke neckline

Fitted around neck and shoulders, yoke neckline is the most comfortable one when it comes to your office wardrobe. Opt for a sleeveless top with details around the neck.

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Sweetheart neckline

Feminine and sexy, the heart shape shows just the right amount of cleavage. A neckline that makes transition easier from desk to dusk, we suggest go for a bodycon dress with a blazer and heels to perfectly complement your look.

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Bardot neckline

Aimed at those who want to achieve a blend of traditional and contemporary, the bardot neckline bares the collarbone and exposes just the right amount of skin. The off-shoulder style is very popular with this kind of a neckline but avoid it to work that it may appear unprofessional. Go for cap sleeves for a more polished and office appropriate look.

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Square neckline

The square neckline packs a bold punch especially when worn in structured fabrics and dark colours. The best part about this neckline is that it comes in all styles- dresses, tops, jumpsuits and blazers, you name it and most brands have it.

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