How To Humidity-Proof Your Wardrobe This Monsoon

Written by Shreya ContractorOct 10, 2018
How to humidity-proof your wardrobe this monsoon

With each season comes it’s own set of woes. While summer has us taking layers off and winter has us piling them right back up, monsoon is this transition period where everything is neither too hot, nor too cold. It’s just humid. And boy, don’t we all know about humidity (at least in India)!

So, it’s that time of the year again, time to protect our belongings and make them humidity-proof for the monsoon. Here’s showing you a guide on just how it’s done!


Caring for your clothes

Caring for your makeup

Make sure your clothes are completely dry before you store them inside the wardrobe. The ones that are already in should be taken out and air-dried to prevent any fungus buildup. Any sign of dampness would result in smelly clothes. So be mindful of that, and install a low-watt bulb inside your wardrobe (if possible), to warm up the interiors. Read more here.


Caring for your footwear

Caring for your makeup

Whether you care about your clothes more or your shoes is debatable, but your footwear certainly requires extra TLC. We’d written about how to care for leather, but sneakers and sports shoes need special attention too. While canvas sneakers can be washed in the washing machine using detergent, your sports shoes will require some hand-scrubbing. So grab some warm water and a sponge, remove the insoles and laces, and get at it!


Caring for your accessories

Caring for your makeup

Precautionary measures for your accessories remain the same as your clothes if they’re made of fabric or leather. However, care should be taken about how you store them, to prevent any bacteria growth. Keep your bags exposed to sunlight and place silica gel packs inside each bag/clutch. If your bags are suede, stuff tissues/newspapers inside to soak in all the moisture and leave them to air dry.


Caring for your jewellery

Caring for your makeup

You know too well how all your metal jewellery goes for a toss during the rains if not tended to properly. Silver, for one thing, is sure to lose it’s sparkle during the monsoons. Polish it with toothpaste though, if that happens. Pearls too need special care as they’re extremely delicate and should ideally be stored in separate pouches or plastic wraps. Lastly, do not store different metals in the same container as this could cause friction.


Caring for your makeup

Caring for your makeup

You didn’t think we’d forget about makeup, did you? It’s practically your whole face; you couldn’t afford losing it! We’d written about the right way to store your makeup, but as usual, monsoon upps their TLC demands. Store powders in dry cabinets and seal all products after use to avoid any contact with moisture. Zip lock bags are a great way to store your makeup brushes, but in case they do they catch moisture, let a hair dryer come to your rescue.

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